About GeorgeAbout George

About George Gonzalez. I work as a handyman on the Allan Family Farm.

I have worked on the farm for just over 16 years now and I love my job.

There is never two days the same, I can be working outdoors all day which is great as I love the outdoors, or inside the farmhouse repairing a door.

I do a bit of everything from driving the tractor to welding and everything in between.

Have been found tinkering in the workshop on more than one ocassion, one of my favorite places where I can get on with things and do my contemplating.

Decided to do a Blog as everyone seems to like my knowledge and help with everyday chores.

I have been known to  pretty much fix and repair most things.

After a bit of persuasion have been cajoled into writing this Blog. Not the best of writers, but hope you like the ideas and tips.

About George Articles

Articles should help with general chores and ideas both from myself and others.

The articles will not be in any order, just as and when I,  or others come up with an idea or tip, it might even be something that I am doing at the time.

In some cases I might even write about something that is completely different, for example if something really gets to me, or is so unusual I think you might be interested.

These days you can go to youtube and see almost how anything can be fixed or repaired, this is my main tip if you get stuck for ideas or need to know how to do anything.

Main thing to remember is safety first, do not attempt anything without some prior knowledge and skills, as well as the right tools of course.

Hope you like my Blog.

George Gonzalez