Innovative Ways To Improve The Lifespan Of Your HVAC SystemsGlobal warming is now a reality that we must learn to live with as the climate keeps shifting from severe cold to extreme temperature levels. These changes have prompted nearly every household or office to use either an AC or heating and cooling systems to reduce the effects of severe climatic changes. These cooling or heating systems are very expensive to acquire and therefore should be well maintained in order to increase their durability. Poor maintenance of such equipment can also lead to various health hazards. There are measures that can be put in place to improve on the durability of these systems while minimizing the possible hazards.

Clean the duct grills and vents as well

To begin with, it is essential to clean duct grills at least once in a year. This is done by removing ducts from every room and cleaning the vents thoroughly. Duct grills can be cleaned with the help of rags for wiping or the use of vacuum to eliminate the presence of debris and dusts.

Change your air filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

If you can’t get their recommendation, a common rule is to change the filter after every three months. You can also change it at the beginning of every cooling and heating season. It’s also advisable to use the right size of air filters that can be the perfect fit to vents.

Maintain the outside unit spotlessly clean

This is mainly important in residential systems where condensing unit is always outside. These condensing units have some coils, which are at a danger of gathering dust, debris, grass-cuttings and leaves. Accumulation of such foreign bodies in the condensing unit can negatively affect the normal operation of AC and heating systems thereby reducing their durability. Hosepipe with little pressure should be used in order to achieve this.

Allow the air to flow

It’s always important to maintain free air flow in order to reduce moisture content in the vents. The rise in the level of moisture encourages growth of molds. It’s usually advisable never to close doors of rooms that aren’t regularly used. This encourages free flow of air. Always remember to leave the vents in all your rooms open whether you’re in your home or away from home.

Discharge pipes should be kept open

Most discharge pipes which links AC systems with HVAC systems are made of PVC material. As a result, they can get blocked or clogged during the cold months of winter. Low-lying pipes accumulates high amount of snow thus increasing the chances of being clogged. A blocked discharge system results into a poorly operating A/C. This leads to costly repairs, which could have otherwise been avoided.

You should only allow experts with vast experience to maintain and service of your HVAC systems. Leaving such a sophisticated equipment in the hands of amateurs may result to expensive damages and even lead to fatal risks. This together with other guidelines mentioned above will undoubtedly improve the durability of your equipment. These guidelines will also limit the dangers that come with poor maintenance and negligence.

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