Here are some scenarios that might sound familiar to many people: you are tired of your old kitchen cabinets and you feel like redecorating without having to replace them. Maybe this is not the case, possibly their surface is starting to lose its color over time and the paint has started to crack or fall off. If the cost of changing them with new ones is too high and the furniture is still functional, but the aspect is decaying or not to your current taste, then kitchen cabinet refacing is the right option for you.

What does this process imply?

 Keeping your current layout of the kitchen, but changing its appearance is a great alternative to refurnishing it, giving it a new look.The differences between using new furniture and changing the appearance of it are small in terms of aesthetics. The process of kitchen cabinet refacing consists in covering the exterior parts of the cabinet with a thin veneer of either wood or laminated plastic. In addition, you can change the hinges, knobs and pulls if you want an even more dramatic transformation.

Main advantages

Any aspect can be analyzed by taking into consideration the pros and cons. Cabinet refacing is no different. It has both advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into consideration when taking the decision to go on with the process. Among the positive features of changing the aspect of these pieces of furniture is the cost efficiency. Replacing kitchen cabinets would cost double than to simply change their exterior. Another benefit is time, as the whole process itself usually takes no more than a week or maybe even less. The kitchen will be still functional while refacing as opposed to changing the cabinets, where this would not be possible. In addition, it is an eco-friendly alternative.

Main disadvantages

Unfortunately, there are also some negative aspects that come with cabinet refacing. One of them refers to the layout. Simply changing the exterior aesthetic does not mean that the storage problems are fixed. If the surface of cabinet has had some problems such as swelling from moisture, then the cost of repairing the actual box is quite high and might prove to be an inefficient option. Another disadvantage is that this option might also turn out to be costly if you opt for a more expensive veneer. Sadly, changing the exterior of the cabinets can only do much. Unfortunately, it will not be an extreme improvement if the design of the kitchen is bad.

An environmentally friendly option

If you are concerned with whether you are making decisions that might harm the environment, then you would feel relieved to hear that kitchen cabinet refacing is eco-friendly. It is a green option for remodeling due to the fact that it uses few resources and you do not contribute to the landfill. It is like having the best of both worlds: a kitchen with a new and fresh aspect, while helping the environment by not adding to the landfill.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an excellent option if you want to give your house a fresh design without it being too expensive. It has many advantages such as both time and cost efficiency as well as changing the aesthetics of your kitchen. In addition, it is important to remember that it is an eco-friendly solution. Also, keep in mind that the best part is that you can even do it yourself if you do not feel the need of hiring a specialist. It can mean a relaxing project and possibly the start of a new hobby.


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